Themarox Direct

Themarox®Direct is a joint effort by Advanced Purification Technologies (APT) and Shimanishi Kaken Co. to distribute Themarox® throughout North America and the rest of the world. Our mission is to streamline this process to bring you the highest quality product and service.


Themarox® is a registered trademark of Shimanishi Kaken Co., Ltd. It is an extract of minerals from vermiculite in liquid form with a mineral salt content close to twenty percent.  The study of inorganic positive ion exchange in argillaceous minerals has been conducted since the 20th century, which soon focused on vermiculite, efflorescence of mica, because of the various minerals consists of oxides of minerals such as Ca, Si, Al, and Fe. It was discovered that mica, especially black mica, was far superior with regards to the mineral content quantity. Analysis has found black mica to contain at least 30 different minerals. Themarox® has a strong oxidation function when added to water which gives it unlimited potential in numerous water treatment applications.  The product name Themarox® is derived from its literal meaning "rock extract."

Themarox® is fully approved and licensed as a Natural Health Product (NHP) by Health Canada. (NPN# 80024735)

Shimanishi Kaken Co.

Shimanishi Kaken Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing high quality concentrated natural mineral liquid Themarox®. In 1977, Dr. Asao Shimanishi developed Themarox®, the world's first liquid mineral concentrate. In 1985, he founded Shimanishi Kaken Co. which has been developing and producing Themarox® for water purification, agricultural fertilizer, deodorant industries, fish farming, and more. Shimanishi Kaken Co. has been supplying Themarox® to various industries for more than 30 years in over 15 countries and regions worldwide.