Themarox® Wastewater Treatment

Themarox® can be used in the wastewater treatment industry as an alternative to the activated sludge method for processing sewage and industrial wastewater. The activated sludge process is the primary method to treat wastewater using air and a biological floc composed of bacteria and protozoa. Although this method was very useful 50 years ago, it has now become inefficient due to a rapid increase of consumption goods disposal.

The Issues with the Activated Sludge Process for Treating Wastewater

  • The pH must be always adjusted to neutral.
  • The temperature must stay between 20-30 degrees Celsius to facilitate microbe propagation and activity.
  • It must always be aerated for microbes to survive and propagate.
  • There must always exist enough nutrients for bacteria or organisms, which are the sludgy element in sewage, to feed on. But if there were too few or too many of these organisms, it would be equally disadvantageous for bacteria to survive and propagate. (Adjusting tank to control nutrition level may be necessary.)
  • It may be impossible to accomplish if sewage contains too much salt, oil or N-Hexane extract, (same with detergent) because microbes can hardly survive in such condition.
  • Requires installation of large-scale equipment such as nitration tank, aeration tank, denitrification tank, sending back sludge system, ultimate settling tank, etc.
  • High maintenance cost (e.g., manpower, power charges, etc.)

The Effectiveness of Themarox® in Wastewater Treatment

Using Themarox® will eliminate having to set the specific parameters and purchasing the equipment that is required in the activated sludge method. Themarox® will also reduce the time and manpower it takes to clean waste water.

When Themarox is used, the coagulation is separated, and carbonic acid gas is produced. This carbonic gas may be caused by the isolated carbonic gas and carbonic ion in the sewage. It is thought that the high amount of gas produced is caused by the parts of the organism that are oxidized. (For example, CH2  becomes CO2 gas.) To extend this supposition further, it is believed that certain minerals in Themarox® inscreased the factor (activated oxygen) of departed oxide ion of dissolved oxygen or the water molecule and its effect on an organism. Some minerals contained in Themarox®, such as Al, Fe, Mg, K and so on, combine in the shape of a salt on an organism that was already oxidized coagulated insoluble substances. This condition (oxidation function) will continue until the pH is adjusted to neutral, and by neutralizing, it will produce more coagulation. This coagulation is easily collectible. Also minerals, except for those that are coagulated, remain, and dissolve into very small ingredients. This final mineral water, which is Themarox® water, will never spoil even if it is left for a long time. And it is confirmed that this water greatly helps the growth of plants, fish, and animals, with no harm to their life. Experiments of various kinds of sewage processing have been conducted for over ten years, and they have never been invalidated.

Themarox® Has Been Used to Treat Wastewater for the Following Industries

Marine Sewage

Usually, marine sewage is difficult to process because it has a lot of protein, fat, blood, and a high rate of salt density which makes processing microbes inefficient. And it is hard to handle because of the odor. With the Themarox® method, the process will be a lot easier, and the odor will be reduced in a very short time. Another big advantage of using Themarox® is that processed water can be used for irrigation as well.

Animal Sewage

Pig manure is similar to human beings’ and easy to process, but cow manure contains a lot of salts, and it is alkaline. It is also not easy to process in the ordinary microbe treatment method. However, both wastes can be processed easily with the Themarox® method and the processed water can be used for washing cattle houses and sprinkled on grass. 

Poultry Farming Sewage

The biggest problem is to treat wastewater produced in egg washing process because the sewage is a mixture of detergent, manure, blood and others. But there is no problem when the Themarox® method is utilized. In case of broilers, the rate of contamination is quite high due to the activated sludge formula, but that is not a problem with Themarox®.

Human Sewage

In Japan, the activated sludge method used in septic tanks and is regulated by law from the Welfare Ministry. It is the way a typical family processes wastewater. But, in mountain cabins in a cold district or in a high mountain zone, the activated sludge method is not sufficient because the temperature is too low and pollution increases every year in the surrounding area. Using the Themarox® method solves this problem, and it is already confirmed that sewage can be purified up to the standard for drinking water.

Chemical Industrial Sewage

Sewage with a high COD, which is the most difficult to process, can be successfully treated by combining pre-processing, post-processing and the Themarox® method, and is continually used today. Objectives of chemical sewage: metal washing, rubber processing, paper manufacturing , electronics industry, dyeing leather, planting , cleaning, etc. The recycled water can be used again.